Freedom the Traveling Bunny welcomes you!


Since I’m no longer a traveling bunny, I have retired.

Mama is an author, and one day we’re thinking of publishing my diary as an ebook, but she’s in the middle of writing a great series right now.

If you’re interested in fantasy adventure novels, where the main character is a spunky fantastical rabbit (called a Rabbun), inspired by YOURS TRULY, you’ll want to check out Mama’s book, Once Upon a Rabbun’s Tail. It’s for ages 10 and up, but big enough to entertain any adult that’s a kid at heart (it’s over 400 pages long in paperback, but available as an ebook too).

You can buy it on Amazon, Kobo, or any major retailer. You can also READ IT FOR FREE if you’re a Scribd/Everand member (it’s an unlimited ebook and audiobook subscription our family loves).

You can see Mama’s website at: https://www.hrrelation.com/ – there’s even a cute picture of the two of us. She wanted me in her author picture, of course, being her furry muse and all.

If you would like to follow Mama, you can sign up for her newsletter and get updates on her writing here: https://sendfox.com/HRRelation.

Thank you again, to my loyal fans for joining me on my adventures. And if you’re a newcomer, I’m sorry we didn’t get to “meet.”

I wish you wondrous moments in this adventure called life,