Just Another Day at Home

As usual, Mama wasn’t getting it. 

She’d been trying to convince me to come out of my palace and romp around, but when I finally decided it was time, she was working on the laptop, and having a snack, without me. So rude. 

When I jumped up on the chair opposite her in the living room, she finally relocated and gave me the attention I deserved, properly following up with a carrot. We went our separate ways for a while, but then I decided I wanted dinner. Mama’s face was, of course, in the laptop. Sigh. 

I ran through the tunnel and the crinkle noise got her attention. She smiled but it was that You’re adorable, please keep entertaining yourself while I work and please don’t destroy anything smile. She should know by now that usually doesn’t cut it. 

Hopping over to sit in front of the the recliner Mama was in, I sat and stared her down. She wisely put the laptop on the coffee table and went to get my dinner. About time. 

I thought she’d never leave. 

She had to pay for having a snack without me, and for making me wait. 

I hopped up on the couch and discovered the banana peel. Like most bunnies, I’m a sugar addict, and bananas are so sweet. I only ever get a tiny amount, at least when Mama isn’t being selfish, that is. 

The look of shock on Mama’s face when she came back into the living room was priceless. I unashamedly kept snacking. She took this picture then snatched me up. There was probably a lecture, but I wasn’t listening. Maybe she should lecture herself on sharing better. Or at the very least, picking up after herself. 

Soon I was in front of my romaine lettuce, and even though it’s not nearly as yummy as bananas or carrots, I still chowed it down.  

I’ve been bored. It’s time to go camping. Little Girl, who isn’t very little anymore, is finally out of school, so no more excuses. I’ll start prodding Mama about it tomorrow. 

Don’t judge.