Once Upon a Rabbun’s Tail is on Sale!

Ah, I love being on vacation. I just do what I want. Ok, that’s a lot like my normal life, but I love having different views when we’re traveling in the motorhome. I can observe iguanas and crabs and birds from a safe, lofty distance in my air conditioned bunk. We’re currently in the Florida Keys, so air conditioning is extremely important.

Mama is not the best at vacationing. She seems to have a hard time not working. That’s good for everyone else right now, because she entered Once Upon a Rabbun’s Tail, book 1 in The Furixie Series, in The Summer Book Bazaar, and decided to put the e-book on sale. I think she said it’s less than $3 right now, but that stuff is boring to me, so you’ll have to click to find out:

Remember, Furixie, the main character in Once Upon a Rabbun’s Tail, is loosely based on Yours Truly. What’s a rabbun, you ask? Think rabbit, but without our natural die-super-easy characteristic. Of course they can still die, but they don’t have hollow bones like real rabbits. They also have fancy fur, with different colors or patterns. Furixie is all black, like me, so she’s called a plainfur. Rabbuns also talk. Rabbits can, too, of course, we just choose not to. It’s easier to be adorable when humans don’t know what you’re really thinking. And the more adorable, the more the carrots flow. This picture right here got me a great haul.

Bunny Endorsed.

So grab a copy of Mama’s book, Once Upon a Rabbun’s Tail. It’s perfect to take on vacation or just have an escape at home. And even if it isn’t your cup of tea, books make amazing gifts. Little Girl always asks for books for her birthday.