It’s My Birthday!!!

I’m 8 years old today. That’s actually a pretty decent achievement for a bunny. And in my eight years I’ve traveled across the country. It’s true, the bumps down the road seem to jar me a bit more than they used to, but I still love seeing new scenery outside my window. Mama said she’d put down extra cushioning for me on our next drive day, too, which is just a couple of days away.

It’s almost Father’s Day, and Big Rabbit thinks we’re going to Key West for him, poor guy. Obviously, we’re going to the Keys to celebrate me! This afternoon Mama, Little Girl, and Big Rabbit all sang “Happy Birthday” to me. Mama told Oreo to join in, but he just trained those amber eyes on me from his bunk, and when they sang my name, he stretched out a paw with extended claws. I gave him a death look and he laid his head back down.

Since it’s my birthday I get priority for free roaming of the camper. I remember, just a few short years ago, when I didn’t have to share… anything. Sigh. Oh well, at least when they get emotional the cat’s easier to grab and cry on. That part I don’t mind sharing. Sometimes I can’t escape, though, like today, when Mama got teary eyed over me turning eight. The birthday treats are always worth it, though.

Birthday Bunny!