The book Mama has been writing FOREVER (like, my entire life, since I’m her furry muse), is FINALLY OUT! 

It’s an excellent book about a rabbun (the main character is one that looks a lot like me, but rabbuns don’t  have hollow bones, so they can fight cats a lot easier – something I think about often when I want to teach our stinky cat a lesson), named Furixie. She wants to explore her cool world Harmonyterra, but ends up fighting the Cats (a lot bigger, scarier, and meaner than Oreo).

Now please, go buy it, tell everyone you know to buy it, and then brag all over the book with reviews everywhere you can online. Big Rabbit says if Mama sells enough books we can travel more again. Now that Mama isn’t constantly hogging the computer, I’m glad I was finally able to get this out to you!

Click here to order from Amazon

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The paperback should be available online wherever books are sold.

Mama’s working on getting the ebook in different stores (but she needs the laptop to do that). 

Buy the book… Buy the book… Buy the book