Stupid Cat

It’s approximately an hour before my romaine breakfast, and I am enjoying my morning hay, having already said good morning to Mama (she wakes up really early), when a deafening noise sounded, skyrocketing my pulse. Mama was in Little Girl’s bathroom and Big Rabbit was in the shower (I can always hear the water running), so no one was fixing it quickly! 

Bunnies have sensitive ears!

Mama barreled out of the bathroom, shouting to Big Rabbit just as he walked out of the bedroom (thankfully with a towel on). It was the alarm system. 

Were we under attack?!

I strained to hear their conversation in the master bedroom. I rolled my eyes as I could hear Mama comforting Oreo, who apparently was totally freaked out, bushed tail and all. Big Rabbit said he called the security company back, and that the sensor that went off was the window by the shower…But he was in the shower, so no one was breaking in. 

So why did the alarm go off?

I huddled down into a loaf position to hear the rest. 

Big Rabbit had put his phone on the window ledge. He must have bumped it. 

The cat keeps getting comforted. Apparently he’s still running around all freaked out.

The cat. 

Apparently, a few days ago, there had been a moth on the outside of that window that was driving Oreo nuts (not hard to do). Since he couldn’t easily jump up there due to the awkward positioning, Mama lifted him up and put him on the ledge.


Big Rabbit was not happy to hear this. Apparently the window ledge is was the only safe place in the bathroom to put his phone. He lets Oreo on the bathroom counters and privacy divider, which Mama hates. Big Rabbit said he noticed the cat has been jumping on the window ledge the last couple of days. 

So, the consensus is…Stupid. Cat. 

Mama came out to check on me.

I’m mad. Irritated. Why do we have a cat?!

Deep breaths. You’re a big bunny. Hey! I am so. I’m back to three pounds again!

Anyway, at least the house wasn’t really getting broken into. Plus, if Mama makes over me half as much as she made over the stupid cat (she better), I’ll be satisfied with treats today. 

Time to play my cards right. 

Bunnies have sensitive ears.