Hey There

Life has been very busy. I found myself relaxing in the rearranged den and thought of you, like I do a lot of the time, and figured it was high time to send out a note. 

We did manage one trip across state lines this summer, which I will post about one day. It was more dramatic than planned, but all turned out fine. For now, know that I’m healthy, no thanks to Oreo, who is still intent on eating me. Luckily he’s dumb enough to go after me when I’m in my palace, which really ticks Mama off, resulting in his immediate capture and jailing, while I get rewarded with a guilt carrot. 

Big Rabbit wanted a couch in the den, to make another comfortable space in the house, so the exercise bike left and we got the only futon that would fit in the space left (one of Mama’s requirements was that the width of the new piece of furniture still allows my palace to be brought in the room all the way). I actually love it. It’s close to the ground and is firm like the motorhome couch. When Mama sits down or lays next to me on it, I don’t feel like I’ll be bounced off. The best part is my palace can come into the den a lot further and Mama and I can take the room over, locking the stalker out. Don’t try to come to his defense – most of the time when we’re in here, and he has access to the entire rest of the house, he just lays down right outside the door, in wait. Sometimes he shoves a paw under the door. I mean really!

I hope this finds you well and safe. It’s a crazy world out there!

My den.