Second Motorhome Camping Trip

It was the end of February, which meant the nights and mornings were rather cold. The good thing about that is Little Girl takes a lot longer to get outside, so I get more attention from her. It also means it’s perfect campfire weather. Our stay was three nights, which is our normal trip length. We had no idea this would be our last camping trip for a while. A couple of weeks after getting home from this trip were were supposed to be camping for almost two weeks straight, but I’ll talk about that in another entry. This is my main entry for our second motorhome camping trip, at the place with the peacocks, those really big birds with the trailing feather tails, that my humans just go crazy over:

Another chilly morning. I feel so alive when the air is crisp. The heater is blowing, but near my window I can feel the cold tendril reaching out as I enthusiastically munch on my hay. My humans are stirring. They are funny to watch right off when they wake up, all stumbly and groggy. Big Rabbit lets Oreo out, and it sounds like a herd of elephants with bells attached to them. Jingle, jingle, jingle! My goodness, I’m so glad to be way up here in my glorious bunk. 

Mama and Big Rabbit cheer. Oreo’s jingle is soft, with an occasional sharper jingle. He’s pacing. I hop out of my condo base and look down as far as I can. Big Rabbit is on the floor chuckling as Oreo’s tail marches back and forth in front of his bunk. That’s odd. Mama comes over and tells me she’ll be just a minute. Yeah, right. She started getting ready for the day, which means I’ll be lucky if breakfast isn’t late. Thank goodness she gave me fresh hay last night. 

I hear Little Girl exclaim, “kitty!” then clamber down from her bunk. Humph. Oreo jingles all the way over to her, and I just know she’s snuggling him. I’ve adjusted to Oreo fairly well, but I still strongly dislike the whole sharing thing. Keep in mind, I’m not totally unreasonable. He can have Big Rabbit. 

Jingle, jingle, jingle. Oreo runs from one end of the camper to the other, getting crazier with each pass. Little Girl giggles, then makes her way over to me. “Good morning, Bun.” That’s better. “Who’s a pretty bunny – whoa!” She turns away from me, laughing. “Crazy kitty’s in the house!” I frown. The cat distracted her. Now she’s walking away! I form some dark thoughts about the kitten. 

Mama is finally ready for the day and tells Big Rabbit it’s my turn to be out. About time. Big Rabbit says he has to get to work anyway as I hear the loud sprinkling of stinky cat food being poured into Oreo’s bowl, then the satisfying sound of his door sliding closed. Mama opens my door, takes my condo base, then comes back to lift me down to my rugs. I zoom from one end to the other, stretching my legs and making Oreo twitch, all at the same time. My heart soars as Little Girl giggles while watching me. 

Everyone settles in: Big Rabbit’s working at the dinette, Little Girl starts getting ready for the day now that Mama isn’t hogging the bathroom, Oreo’s watching me while eating (that’s always a little unsettling), and Mama starts preparing my breakfast. A perfect time to explore. Yesterday I scored a barbell. I wonder what I’ll find to – Aw, man! What is this? I hop up to the green bars and poke them with my nose. Annoyed when it hardly budges, I hop to the right, then to the left, checking for weak spots. Mama’s way too gleeful as she places my lettuce in my bowl, explaining that her errand yesterday, before we left was to the pet store, to buy a gate for the storage area under the bunks. How obnoxious! I look up. Oreo’s still watching me, but he has a look of understanding on his face. This must be what Mama and Big Rabbit were cheering about earlier. I hop into my codo and attack my lettuce, staring at the new barrier. Oreo likes to chew on metal (yes, seriously). Maybe he’ll cut through it soon. 

Little Girl comes over, stretches out on my rug in front of my condo, laying a blanket over her and says, “Hi, Bun. I thought I’d read with you.” Well, the day is looking up! I abandon my lettuce for something much better: Little Girl’s attention. I hop around her, getting giggles and pets. She starts reading her book on her Kindle, and I have to check. I sit down adorably beside her. She nuzzles me but then goes right back to her book. Cautiously, carefully, slowly, I lean forward and take a nip out of the old pink Kindle case. “Freedom! No eating my Kindle!” Well, it was worth a shot. She returns to her Kindle, but steadily pets me at the same time. My tummy rumbles as I soak up Little Girl’s attention. A jingle draws my eyes to Oreo. He’s watching us, with a look of envy. Narrowing my eyes, I turn and hop next to Little Girl, halfway down her, then turn so I’m looking squarely at the cat. I place a possessive paw on her and stare him down. If I am forced to share my tunnel or the living room there is nothing I can do about it. But she will always be my Little Girl. 

Oreo cowered a little and went back to eating, this time facing his window. Something outside catches his attention. Probably some peacocks or peahens. His whole body tenses and starts that jerky head movement he does when stalking (toys, feet, me, anything really, because he’s a killer). Excellent. Keep him occupied birds, like a human in front of a T.V. I hop back up to Little Girl’s Kindle and poke it, drawing her hand back to petting me, where it belongs. I settle in for a wonderful morning. 

My Little Girl.