Second Motorhome Camping Trip – Morning of

Hello fans! Here’s my diary entry from the morning of our second camping trip in the motorhome. We had stayed the previous night at L.L. and were going through the regular morning motions. It was my time to be out, so Mama had my condo on the floor, in front of Oreo’s area. I was enjoying exploring under his bunk, with the added bonus of driving him crazy:

What a fun game! Mama hid my new barbell toy. I can smell it. Under Oreo’s bunk is a land of fun: it’s large, deep, dark, and there are lots of things to hop around, in, and on. Mama can’t see or reach me, and…Eureka! I found the box with my stuff! Too bad she has the feed lid on tight. That would have made a much better breakfast than my lettuce I abandoned to go exploring. But…hang on…Yes! I win! I found my new barbell toy! I drag it out to the light to enjoy it. Ha! That look on Mama’s face is priceless. The step stool she put in front of funland was a sad attempt at a deterrent. It was one of the more fun things to play with under there actually. She says I wasn’t supposed to get my barbell until after we arrived at the campground. I love winning. Let’s go camping!

The nose knows!