Our First Motorhome Camping Trip – Days 4 – 6

The second half of our camping trip was dominated by Little Girl finding the perfect camping friend. After spending most of their time on the playground, they started hanging out at our campsite! I’ve never gotten to see much of Little Girl playing while camping, except for when I was down on the floor in Grey Wolf and the windows and doors were open. Then I’d be able to see her through the front screen door, if she happened to be there. My bunk window gives a much better view. 

They were acting very strangely, hunched over and walking back and forth slowly, occasionally picking something up off the ground. Smiling, they would proudly show the other their find. It was getting cold outside, so I couldn’t hear very well with the camper heater running. Giggling, the girls clambered into the motorhome and showed off their findings to Mama – there were sharks teeth in the dirt outside! I shook my head. That made no sense to me. Sharks live in water. But whatever; Little Girl was happy. The best part about our motorhome is, of course, me, so Little Girl introduced us. I was pleased her friend was so interested in me. She expressed interest in the cat too for some reason, but no one’s perfect. They clambered back outside and with the heater having kicked off, I could hear happy shouts when they found a good shark tooth. Running back and forth under my window, they played different games. Sometimes they would even stop to wave at me. Big Rabbit was smart to be working at the cafe that day. He wouldn’t have gotten anything done with them frolicking around. 

The next morning, Mama woke up early to click away at her laptop. It was a normal camping morning routine. When Little Girl woke up, she was happy to lounge around, reading in her nightgown and eating her mini-doughnuts. It was cold outside and she was in no rush to get ready for the day or head out yet. Then a couple of hours later, there was a knock on the door. It was Little Girl’s friend, coming to see if she could play! I was amazed at the speed with which she got ready. Mama and Big Rabbit made her wear her parka, which has fur trim around the hood, so I enjoyed pretending she was a large pink bunny hopping by when she finally got outside. 

Not too long after, the girls piled inside, seeking warmth. They came right over to see me (ok, and Oreo too). I enjoyed the extra adoration, fluffing out to be especially adorable. Since it was Saturday, Big Rabbit didn’t have to work, so the whole family plus Little Girl’s friend were all inside. Boy, it was a good thing we had a bigger camper now. That would have been mighty cramped in Grey Wolf. The girls climbed up to Little Girl’s huge bunk at the front of the motorhome and chattered and giggled and played. As the hours passed, they kept going out to play, then in for warmth and snacks, in and out and in and out, until Mama told them to just be out. 

Little Girl’s friend had a big bike ride to go to with her grandma in the afternoon, so my humans all went for a long walk. They came back happy and we had a relaxing afternoon. That evening, Mama was very snuggly. She flipped the sofa down so I would have a lot more space to hop around. We were both sleepy and it was fun to be on the sofa with so much room, so I stayed. Mama fell asleep while petting me and I was comfortable enough I drifted off too. When she woke up, she was so thrilled to have me there still she carried on and on about how perfect I am. While true, I was tired and ready for my feed and bunk. I stretched as she got me a carrot from the refrigerator. I happened to have hopped in front of our “Life is Better When You Are Camping” pillow, and she just couldn’t resist taking my picture. The problem, of course, is she hadn’t handed over my carrot yet, so I gave her the appropriate “pose”. 

The next morning my humans went for a walk then started picking up camp. We were heading home. Oreo complained a little, but we all had acclimated pretty quickly to our new mode of transportation. Mama told me were were only going to be home for one night, then back to L.L. for Big Rabbit’s birthday celebration, then off on our second motorhome camping trip already! We would be going to a campground we’ve been to several times before, the one with those colorful birds. 

Hand over the carrot, lady.