Our First Motorhome Camping Trip – Movie Night

After our impromptu errand run, we all stayed up late for movie night. This is the first camper we’ve had with a TV. Mama is normally very against screens while camping, but once in a while we’ll watch a movie together, especially if it’s a birthday camping trip. I didn’t even realize we had a TV until Big Rabbit pulled it out of Little Girl’s huge bunk. It’s on a metal arm that swings out over the dinette. We watched Secret Life of Pets. It used to be my movie, because Mama refused to see it when it came out, since they had no furry. Apparently Mama has always had a furry (specifically cats, for some strange reason), except for the nine months before I came home. Their cat had passed away and Mama was too heartbroken and knew an animal in small Hideout would be difficult. Then she lost her mind and I came home, since a bunny is the perfect animal. Secret Life of Pets was the first movie I ever saw, and I got a ton of treats during it. Mama cried tears of joy all over me that night. Anyway, it was quite an adventure watching this movie in the motorhome, because of course the humans insisted that we all be there.

Due to my seniority and classification as a prey animal, I got to be free while the cat was harnessed and leashed. Hehehe. I zoomed from one end to the other of my rug runway, soaring over the step. Big Rabbit complained as he restrained Oreo up above on the sofa. Little Girl was giggling up there too. Mama defended me from where she sat at the dinette and said I was just getting exercise. Oreo was trying so hard to pounce on me that Big Rabbit said one or both of us would have to go away, so I calmed down and Mama gave me a long sprig of parsley. We were off to a good start. 

I quietly savored my parsley in front of my hay tunnel that Mama brought down from my bunk, in front of the sofa, near where Little Girl was sitting. The movie started and my ears perked straight up at the familiar opening song. Very catchy, although when we visited NYC my humans left me for over twelve hours to go on a tour, so it’s not my favorite place. I looked up at the sofa. Big Rabbit and Little Girl were watching the screen, while Oreo had his big eyes fixated on me. Perfect. I hopped into my hay tunnel, leaving my butt sticking out. I heard a small commotion and Big Rabbit complaining that I was teasing the cat. Mama’s indignation was hilarious. 

After a few minutes I hopped out the other side of my hay tunnel and turned around, looking up at the sofa again. Little Girl was watching the screen, Oreo was watching me, and – bummer, so was Big Rabbit. He caught my look of glee and he narrowed his eyes. I took off, back through my tunnel, right under the killer who was now half hanging off the edge of the sofa, turned before reaching the step, and zoomed back through my tunnel again. Big Rabbit cried foul as Mama paused the movie. The bad news: I got picked up and snuggled too much by Mama. The good news: she set a towel down over her lap and the rest of the dinette cushion (the material is slippery), settled me on her lap, and fed me a pretty constant stream of tiny carrot bits. 

Eventually I got tired of laying in Mama’s lap. Coincidentally, it was around the same time the carrot bits stopped flowing. She was hopeful that I’d just lay down next to her in the dinette, but I was getting tired. I either wanted to play with Oreo (get him in trouble), or go to my bunk. Mama gave up on me being content in the dinette. She told Oreo to leave her sweet bunny alone as she put me down on the floor near my hay tunnel. I looked up at him. He stared down at me with crazed eyes. I grinned and took two agonizingly slow hops toward my hay tunnel. I felt the unpleasant sensation of being watched by a predator, but I tamped it down – I knew I was safe. My plan fell into place as I tore through my tunnel, spun and raced as fast as I could to the other end of my mats. The satisfying sounds of Oreo lunging after me, his collar’s jingle stifled by his harness and leash, Big Rabbit grabbing him and yelling at Mama about her teasing bunny, Little Girl laughing her head off, and Mama mumbling what may have been considered an apology filled my perky ears. 

Soon I was tucked in my bunk. I had to endure a rather tight snuggle, but it counted as official tuck in as I scored my feed before Mama secured my bunk door for the night. My curtain had already been put up, and Mama remembered to put my hay tunnel back where it belonged, so as soon as I was done eating I could settle in for the night without being disturbed. Big Rabbit had petitioned for Oreo to be granted the right to stay out since I was away, and Mama conceded. Out of curiosity, I hopped to the end of my bunk and surveyed the couch. Oreo’s lamplight eyes shone in the dark, staring at me hungrily. I shrugged and went back to my feed. 

Shortly after I laid down, Oreo was tucked into his bunk. Apparently he just couldn’t calm down for the movie. Big Rabbit blamed me. Mama protested that I had been tucked in for a while now so I couldn’t possibly be blamed. They resumed the movie and I heard Oreo viciously attack his toy. Jingle, jingle, jingle. Hehehe. I closed my eyes with the satisfaction of a very entertaining evening.