Our First Motorhome Camping Trip – Days 2 & 3

It was so fun to be camping, and I love our motorhome! The humans have figured out for the most part that only one furry should be out at a time. Personally, I don’t understand why we don’t keep the killer locked up, but for some reason they all think he’s cute. Ok, ok, I really don’t mind him that much. Especially when I can get him in trouble, but you’ll hear more about that in my Movie Night post. It was too long to cram into this one.

Little Girl was in a great mood, which always puts me in a great mood. Apparently there is a little village of sorts in the campground and she got to participate in some craft classes. She also found a great friend to play with at the playground, whom I would soon get to meet! After working hard for a couple of days, Little Girl went for a walk with Big Rabbit during his lunch break, and when they returned she proudly displayed her official Junior Ranger pin. She’s so cute. 

It was our first camping trip in the motorhome, and one discovery my humans made was our refrigerator is a little smaller than Grey Wolf’s was. Mama started to worry that we would run out of…lettuce. Alarm bells sounded in my mind. We’ve been camping for years, and my humans love to find real nature that isn’t very close to anything. Well, we finally found it. I listened as they discussed our options, and it turned out the nearest grocery store was over a half hour away! With our old rig, the truck would be disconnected from the travel trailer after landing at our campsite, so if the humans had errands to run, they’d just take the truck, and I’d stay in the camper. But the motorhome is one piece, so…we all had to go. 

It was very odd to see Mama picking things up for take off. She seemed excited though, and there was no need for me to get in a carrier, so I just watched patiently. When she started to bring our slide in I hunkered down inside my hay tunnel. I’d really been enjoying it and my hidey-hole since it should never smell like cat again. That brute tried to go through both of them a few different times when they were at home. They stunk for days. Jingle, jingle, jingle. Oreo was restless below me. He obviously wasn’t used to moving on a slide yet either. I almost felt bad for him, but the feeling quickly passed. 

Little Girl was settled at her spot on the couch and I could hear Big Rabbit setting up his laptop at the dinette as we slowly made our way out of the site. Below me, I could hear Oreo pacing through that incessant bell announcing his every movement. I crept out of my hay tunnel and enjoyed the aerial view from my spacious bunk. It was really fascinating looking at all the different campers (the houses on wheels and the people). I understood better why my humans are always going out for walks. There’s a lot to see. 

We pulled over and stopped. That was way too short a trip. Mama got out but the other two stayed put, unconcerned. I cocked my head at the weird sounds I was hearing from outside the camper. All I could see were trees. Finally I figured it out: we were at the dump station. A few minutes later Mama climbed back into the driver seat, thrilled to have empty tanks once again. Big Rabbit congratulated her and went back to his work. Little Girl was engrossed in a book. Oreo was quiet. I peeked out my window. There were a couple of birds flying by. He was probably salivating down there. At least he was silent.

As we started driving on real roads and picking up speed, Oreo got more agitated. He meowed, paced and jingled until all the humans were trying to reassure him. I rolled my eyes and settled down deeper into my hidey-hole. I may love camping, but it’s still weird for a bunny to be moving down the road at forty miles an hour, or however fast Mama was going. I could tell we weren’t on an expressway because there were lots of stops and turns, and we weren’t going highway speeds. 

Thankfully, Oreo quieted down and a while later we finally entered a town. We slowed way down, started turning a lot, and Mama and Big Rabbit were talking about where in the world to park our motorhome. Curious, I crawled out of my hay tunnel and looked out the window while still keeping a low, wide stance. Whoa. There were cars everywhere. My heartbeat picked up and I shot back through my hay tunnel, into my hidey-hole. The day I changed families, all those years ago, was at a place just like this. A parking lot, with a similar big green sign. What in the world was going on?

Eventually, after touring the parking lot, we parked. It was so busy in that my humans seemed a bit nervous. Mama and Little Girl headed in while Big Rabbit went back to working, even though he kept looking up and out the windows. I stayed tight in my corner. I’ve never been insecure about my position. Mama perhaps loves me too much, so this is just a coincidence, right? They wouldn’t get rid of me just because they have a cat now, would they? My breathing increased and I looked around my hidey-hole. The one that Little Girl made for me, that Mama brought from home, which was now in my opulent bunk in our motorhome, which my humans had to get so me and the cat would both have plenty of space. I took a deep breath, enjoying my logic making me feel better.

Mama and Little Girl finally returned, and after packing our fridge full, Mama came over to my bunk, asking where her adorable bunny was. Could it be a trick? No! Of course not. But, I know better than to give up the opportunity for a lure. My mouth started to water in anticipation. Sure enough, I heard the refrigerator open back up and Mama withdraw a carrot (I know what each treat bag sounds like). I cautiously hopped out from hiding when she slid open my bunk door and offered it to me. She pet me and I enjoyed the cooing more than usual as I savored my treat. I couldn’t believe I even considered being worried! It must have just been the stress of possibly running out of lettuce. Yes, that was definitely it. 

The ride home was uneventful, with Oreo even settling in for the ride quietly (shocking, I know). Everyone was tired by the time we came back, but we had lettuce, so obviously it was worth it. Still, I’m hoping next time they’ll pack better and just leave some of their food home so my lettuce will have plenty of space. After a short discussion my humans all agreed on a movie night instead of a campfire, which you’ll read about in my next post. 

There should always be enough lettuce!