My Palace!

The best thing that happened in January was…drumroll…I was upgraded from a condo to a palace! After the poking incident (that rude kitten was able to reach his paw through the bars of my condo!), Mama got to work on a solution. Big Rabbit protested a bit about how much space I would be taking up, but Mama made an excellent case for me needing protection from that wild animal they brought home. There’s wire mesh where there isn’t wood, so I have a ton of visibility, but Oreo can’t stick his greedy paw through anywhere! Mama even fortified my palace with these things called “scat mats,” which are sheets with little plastic spikes on them. So far, Mama hasn’t let Oreo get close enough to test them out. 

I have enough space that I can run in my palace. The first floor houses my litter box, which is also screened for some privacy by the wall and the human’s corner table. There’s plenty of room for lots of hay in front of it too. Mama stored my toys under the ramp, which is perfect, because I have access to all of them but they don’t impede my speed when I zip around. 

There’s an awesome ramp that leads up to my loft. I have a loft! I love my loft. It’s like a miniature bunk bed in the house. There are two doors up there – one is opaque, so I can nestle in the corner and have darkness (like when Big Rabbit stays up too late watching a movie – annoying) and privacy (like when Oreo stalks around outside, staring at me with hungry eyes). The other door is wire mesh. The vantage point from my loft allows me to finally get the whole view out the windows that are opposite my palace. 

My loft is quite large. Mama put a towel up there for me, which makes a very cushy bed, but I can also dig in it without getting in trouble. My humans are still against me digging up the carpet. I check every once in a while, but they always insist. Lately I’ve been trying out the depression between the two cushions on the non-reclining couch. So fun, and I don’t even make that much noise doing it, so I usually get a decent amount of exercise before Mama scolds me. Now I understand how “Go to your room” isn’t really a punishment. 

It’s time for breakfast, which will be delivered to my loft, where my food bowl is. I enjoy eating in peace, all safe up there, while housekeeping comes. When I’m done eating I’ll run down my ramp, where my clean litter box and fresh hay shall await me. It’s good to be queen. 

The Queen in her Palace.