The Invasion – Part 3

Big Rabbit put the invader closer to me and my hidey-hole. I had had enough. I hopped up to his face and started explaining how this was my house and they were my humans, and we didn’t have room for him. Big Rabbit had to hold onto him tighter as he squirmed to get loose. I narrowed my eyes. The kitten didn’t seem to register a word I said! I hopped over to Mama, trying to convey with my eyes how urgent it was for her to fix this awful situation. She pet me and kept apologizing and telling me she loves me. How did the wonderful early morning derail into such a nightmare? 

Mama convinced Big Rabbit to move the cat to the other end of the living room. I returned to my hidey-hole and observed it. Now it was watching me. It was definitely a cat. It was looking at me like prey. In my own camper! How dare he! Mama’s words echoed in my mind: You’re bigger. I charged the kitten, ready to take back what was mine. His evil, little green eyes lit up with glee as I approached. The humans were all talking at once but my focus was on the invader. Big Rabbit let it go and he pounced at me, like the predator he is! I turned and ran to the safety of my hidey-hole, but my helpful binocular vision alerted all my senses that I was being chased! This was madness! I dashed through my hidey-hole and lept into my condo. The maniac was stopped just in time before trespassing on my sacred property. Mama caught him and got him away. At least she wasn’t completely and utterly useless. Just utterly. I sulked in my condo with frayed nerves. 

More news hit my ears: we were packing up and heading to L.L. and staying there for our last camping night. The invader continued to ruin good things. Without knowing it, my last view of the beautiful lake had been that morning from my bunk. I was starting to get a headache from glaring around with narrowed eyes. I looked at the bathroom. The door was open, revealing all the new stuff. His litter box was huge and was nearly blocking the humans’ litter box. That looked like a good plan. I shook my head at their stupidity. There were food and water bowls and toys, and his carrier, all cluttering up my camper.  

It was definitely one of the fastest pick ups the humans had ever done. In no time, the camper was hooked to the truck and I was in my carrier. Thankfully, we had the SUV also, so Big Rabbit took the invader with him, and I didn’t need to look at or listen to it. Unfortunately, Little Girl chose to ride in the SUV to be with it. I would have likely given her bunny butt the entire trip anyway, so whatever. Mama tried to grovel all the way home. Her pleas fell on deaf ears. As we drove, a new realization hit me as I looked around my truck: where in the world would that thing go when we didn’t bring the SUV camping? My three humans and me take up the whole truck! My carrier has wings on either side that fold down to give me almost as much space as my condo. Surely they wouldn’t be cruel and reduce my space? I glanced at the back of the driver’s seat. Mama was still babbling. Surely, I wouldn’t really have to share? I closed my eyes and willed myself to think of it all as just a bad dream, that I would wake up from. 

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t a bad dream, it was a nightmare, but it was real. 

When we got to L.L., after getting parked, Mimi and Grampy flocked to the SUV to exclaim over the kitten. Barf.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about our first night with the kitten. It’s time for me to wrestle some carrots out of Mama. I feel a pity party coming on. 

The Invader.