You Have No Idea What I’ve Been Through – 4/4/2020

I know, I know. It’s been forever since I posted. Really, though, a lot has happened. I plan on posting more since things seem to finally be calming down somewhat, but here is a quick rundown: 

– Grandpa was sick. Really sick. This emotional support animal got a bit overloaded with trying to take care of all of her humans.

– God sent us a CAT. Ugh! Seriously! That will be several blog posts. 

– We had our first Christmas, with the cat. Luckily, Mama had already sent out our Christmas cards, so I was still the only furry in the family picture. The way it should be. 

– We bought me a palace. That’s the best news I’ve got. 

– Grandpa passed away. He loved making cooking noises like Big Rabbit. Every Christmas Grandpa would come over early to help with the turkey. I’m going to really miss avoiding his pokey finger. It was always fun dodging him and making Little Girl laugh. He’d chuckle and call me a varmint. He never cared that that is an offensive term to a rabbit, but I’ve heard him call Little Girl that too. Then one morning when Big Rabbit and Little Girl were watching cartoons, there was a loud and obnoxious character calling everyone a varmint. Big Rabbit told Little Girl when he was growing up he used to watch those cartoons with Grandpa. 

– My family left me for over twelve hours. I had to hear the cat howling in the master bedroom. I didn’t think I would ever forgive Mama. I got a lot of carrots over the following two days. Why did they leave me for so long? They took Blue Jean Baby and Grey Wolf and traded them in for a motorhome! Because, you know, we didn’t have enough change going on already! You’ll hear all about that soon. 

– Big Rabbit helped drive Grandma back up to New York. Every day seemed to have a new problem. A couple highlights: Mimi and Grampy’s HOA (so weird – a bunch of people telling you what you can do at your own house?) said the motorhome can’t live there anymore. Also, the cat had…worms. Seriously. EWWW!

– Finally, we had almost two weeks of camping, in the new motorhome. What a new experience that was!

– The morning after we got home from our second camping trip in the motorhome, Big Rabbit woke up crazy early and left, but he didn’t take the cat with him. He had to go to Michigan for a business trip. Just like when he went to New York, he left the cat here, in my home. Little Girl keeps telling me she still loves me and to not be jealous, but the cat is staying. It’s a work in progress. I totally identify with Max in the movie Secret Life of Pets, when Max is trying to get rid of Duke. Too bad the crazy bunny Snowball wasn’t trying to get rid of Duke…Maybe I should write to the company that made the movie and see if they can rescript it. 

– Have you heard of Coronavirus? On St. Patrick’s Day we were supposed to stay at L.L. then take off the next morning for a two week camping trip. Instead, it got cancelled. Then everything that we had scheduled, including all of Little Girl’s activities like co-op and gymnastics, got cancelled. Kind of like when Little Girl builds a city made of blocks and my pokey nose wreaks havoc, all our plans bit the dust (unfortunately, Little Girl doesn’t let me actually bite the blocks, but I digress). Mama and Big Rabbit have had a lot of conversations about what’s going on, sometimes annoyingly late into the night, keeping me up. It sounds like we’re actually a whole lot better off than most people and pets. Mama says there are a lot of RV’ers that are stranded on the road, with no where to go. We were planning to leave in the motorhome and live in it for months after Little Girl’s birthday in May. Mama was even talking about selling the house…Now she keeps saying she’s so thankful we still have it. What was really scary though was when Mama went grocery shopping…and there was no Romaine lettuce! Good news: that’s been remedied, at least for now. 

– Little Girl was sick. That brought enough stresses of its own. Thankfully, she’s back to her normal, healthy, wonderful self. It was irritating how much time the cat spent with her, but whatever. Little Girl did make over me a lot and she did try to keep the time she spent with us fairly even, but I’m not a fan of sharing.  

– Cleaning. My goodness, all of the humans have been cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning. The good news: my asthma is way better, so it really didn’t bother me (I haven’t even needed steam for months!), and, I have to admit, my house looks great now. Mama even super cleaned my palace, which really upset me at first (she locked me in my loft!) but I am a bunny, and I do like things tidy, so it all worked out. 

– We still have the cat. Yes, he has a name. I have several other ones I call him, but that’s for another blog post. Everyone is almost up for the day, and I need to keep Mama in line. Somehow, even though practically the entire country is on lockdown from what I hear, she still can’t get every meal delivered on time every day! A bunny’s work is never done…

You have no idea what I’ve been through.