Feeling Better – 8/14/2019

What a great morning so far! I’m still not a fan of being cooped up in the bathroom during shower time, but I love being able to breathe better. Last night I got my steam in, slept great, and I woke up and finished the Keys blog posts! Check them out under my diary archives – June 2019. Between being able to breathe better again and getting those posts up, I felt good enough to run around and binky! Mama was in the other room, but Little Girl saw it! She clapped and chanted “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!” I love it when she does that. I needed to rest for a while after, but I recovered.

School has been a lot of fun today – we started with science in Little Girl’s room. Big Rabbit cooked this morning and Mama was worried the smell might bother my breathing, so she put me in Little Girl’s room to be farther away from the kitchen. It’s my favorite room in the whole house. Mama and Little Girl are going on a field trip soon to the Kennedy Space Center, so they’ve been reading about the space program. Little Girl’s been there once before, and brought home an Atlantis space shuttle stuffed animal. I like it. It has a pointy nose like me. 

I interrupted Mama’s reading several times, but Little Girl kept giggling, so I kept doing it. It wasn’t very hard to get out of trouble. Mama would stop, sigh, then come over to me, either to lecture me (never does any good) or put me away (boo), but I just laid down every time, looked up at her sweetly, and let her pet me, then I was free to roam again.

One of the coolest things Little Girl has in her room is called a mirror. It’s the only one that I can hop up to myself. At first I always startle myself, because another gorgeous bunny appears in Little Girl’s room, and I cannot believe my humans would bring another bunny home and expect me to share! Then realization dawns, and I can settle in to admire myself. This may take a while…

The Fairest.