Family Game Night 8/2/2019

It’s Friday! Woo hoo! What a welcome end to a hectic week. Today went mostly the way it should have: everyone was home, and all meals except dinner were on time or early. A lot of times Big Rabbit works from home on Friday, and Mama and Little Girl usually arrange to be home also. When Big Rabbit finishes work at 4:30, it’s officially the weekend, and the kickoff is Family Game Night! When we’re home and not camping, Family Game Night is my favorite part of the week. My humans are happy and relaxed, and everyone is where they should be – under my direct supervision in the living room. Sometimes we watch a movie (last week we watched National Treasure, and I got pet through most of it), but tonight my humans stayed true to the theme and played a few different games. Since our next camping trip is weeks away (boo), Mama went to the camper yesterday and brought home some of our games. 

Family Game Night started off with Mama winning a game called Rock, Paper, Scissors against Little Girl, which meant she got to play a game called Battleship against Big Rabbit. It’s the only two-player game they play other than Connect 4. Little Girl didn’t seem to mind watching the first round – her and Big Rabbit were supposed to be splitting the white mixing bowl full of popcorn, but by the time Big Rabbit beat Mama at Battleship, there wasn’t much left. 

After making a second bowl of popcorn, they moved on to a game called Mermaid’s Purse. Little Girl loves mermaids. For her seventh birthday she even got a mermaid tail. I remember her opening it during her birthday camping trip in Hideout – that was actually our second to last trip in the smaller camper. For her birthday she wanted to see real mermaids, so we camped near Weeki Wachee State Park. Anyway, Mermaid’s Purse involves a top to spin and a velvety bag with pretty, smooth stones in it. Little Girl loves picking out her favorite ones when she splits the stones up to give to everyone. Mama won several games in a row, then Big Rabbit won, and then my Little Girl won! I always root for her. 

It was after 6:00 at that point, and time for Little Girl to get ready for bed. She craftily struck a deal with Mama and Big Rabbit to consider playing another game before bed if she got ready quickly. Like a Jack Rabbit, she managed to change and get her room picked up and her bed turned down, so I got to watch an UNO card game. To everyone’s disappointment but his own, Big Rabbit won. At least he didn’t gloat. Although when he does, Mama usually chides him, and that’s always enjoyable to watch.

Happy Weekend everyone! 

Checking out Little Girl’s Loot