Working on Updating my Diary for You

Mama often says, “Do you want to hear the good news, or the bad news?” Well, mine is sort of both. I hear we aren’t camping for several weeks. Apparently we need to work on the “house house”. By we, of course I don’t mean me. So to help keep me from getting bored, I’ve decided to work on getting my past diary entries up for you (hint: check the archives). That is when I have time of course. Even though we’re not traveling, I still have a busy schedule. This morning, for instance, I had a very important tea party with my fun Little Girl. I was rather sleepy and comfy in my condo, but she lured me out with a carrot. She put half of it in my tea cup, and I can’t resist making her laugh, so of course I threw the tea cup a few times until I got my prize. Then to get a few more giggles, I hopped around and knocked the tea pot and her cup over by poking them with my nose.

Remember to subscribe so you don’t miss when I upload a diary entry! I’m also working on a fun little reward for when you sign up. There’s that word again. All this work is making me tired. And hungry. I think I’ll chomp some hay down and pass out. Bye for now!