State Park Beach Vacation 2019 – Day 6 – Home

Ah, home. Camping was fun, and I was happy to be back at the camper, but there is something so great about getting home after being away for days. When Mama finally let me out I joyfully ran over to MY spot – under the big windows in the living room. Well, technically, I have several spots in the living room, but that’s my biggest and most favorite. I inhaled the sweet scent of my hay tunnel then chomped on it. Mama cheered me on. She gets so excited when I chew on the “right” things. We still don’t see eye to eye on her cabinet…I hopped over to it, with hope in my heart and a gleam in my eye, but Mama was watching and she yelled at me. Then when I didn’t move she advanced. Knowing a snuggle monster when I see one, I took off and tore around the corner to another one of my favorite spots – right outside Little Girl’s room. I started grooming myself and was pleased when Mama veered off her snuggle monster path and returned to whatever she had been doing in the kitchen. I love sitting by Little Girl’s room. Cool air rushes under the door at me, like my own personal air conditioner.

It didn’t take long to tire of grooming, so I ran back into the main area of the living room, through my tunnel under the coffee table, and dove into my hidey-hole. My real one; it’s a cardboard box with two exits and Mama puts fresh newspaper in it for me to shred. Little Girl even made a pretty sign for me. I love it in there! I had a great time tearing up what was left of the newspaper, Mama cheering me on from the kitchen. 

Soon Little Girl came home and it was dinnertime then bedtime for Little Girl. Now that she was home I could really relax. I dozed off to the sound of her happy chatter. Apparently she had a great time at Mimi and Grampy’s. Big Rabbit let me out while Mama had a late dinner after tucking Little Girl in, and now I’m tired. It’s been a long day. I hear we have a full day of school tomorrow, so I need my energy to be able to interrupt and make Little Girl giggle and Mama tsk. Time to jump up on the ottoman and convey to Mama that it’s time to tuck me in. Until the next camping trip (or whenever I feel like writing) – bye for now!

Eyeing the laptop (and cord) on Little Girl’s desk.