State Park Beach Vacation 2019 – Day 5

It’s almost 11am, between snack and lunch, therefore just about nap time. I’m going to recount my morning and hope I’m awoken promptly at noon with my two large leaves of romaine lettuce for lunch. Mama will if she knows what’s good for her.

I had some trouble sleeping last night. Let’s see…bunnies like schedules and lately…Mama has been failing at the whole schedule thing. Particularly bedtime and breakfast time. My tummy doesn’t care that she’s on vacation time.  So at 12:45am (I know the time because Mama recounted it to Big Rabbit later), I was sick of having a hard time sleeping. After loudly drinking for a few minutes (the little metal ball in my water bottle can create a ruckus), my goal was achieved: Mama groggily got up to check on me. What I hadn’t planned on was her thinking it was somehow even possible for me to drink all of the water in that humongous water bottle and be out. Having a flashlight pointed right at me and disorienting me so I nearly fell off my perch was not part of the plan. After blinding me she was satisfied I still had plenty of water (duh), went to the bathroom and went back to sleep. Having disturbed her and not wanting to be blinded again, I was able to then fall back asleep. Until it was 6:35 a.m. 

Breakfast is supposed to be at 6:30 a.m. My tummy expects that seven days of the week, including on Christmas and other holidays, and yes, even on vacation. My hunger doesn’t take a vacation, and neither does my attitude toward Mama being late with my meals. I was not impressed when she got up and got ready for the day before taking care of me! She kept saying annoying things like, “I know, Bun. Just a few more minutes, Bun.” I responded with an icy stare. 

When she finally did let me out, I was reminded that Little Girl was at Mimi and Grampy’s, designating me the baby for the time being (eye roll), and that today is Mama and Big Rabbit’s 19th wedding anniversary (yawn). Then I remembered the outrageous number of carrots I scored yesterday by not doing much other than letting her slober on me some, so I flopped. After being thoroughly snuggled, she finally got up to get me breakfast. To make it perfectly clear that although we’d just snuggled, she wasn’t totally forgiven yet, I foot stomped. A few times, actually, while running around. Roughly translated: Hurry up! Why is my breakfast late? Faster! I want my food NOW! No, scratch that – I wanted my food on time! Hello! Schedules matter! She proceeded to place my breakfast on top of my red bowl, in my condo, as usual. But this morning, that didn’t look appetizing. She’d just close my door and go off doing who-knows-what and I’d probably have to wait until snack time for more attention. That wasn’t going to cut it. 

It amazes me how much humans talk. Blah, blah, blah, blah; it’s noise all the time. I looked her in the eye, charged at my door, stopped, poked my nose in toward my red bowl, and withdrew it, all while looking at her. “It’s alright; you’re breakfast is right there.” Sigh. I know that. What do you think I am, a stupid animal? I’m the smarter one here, remember? I’m not eating in my usual setting today. Figure it out…I repeat the process. “What? You’re demanding to eat out here? Ok…” She tentatively takes one of my leaves and puts it on my purple towel. Took her long enough, but she finally got it. No words required. She, of course, used words, but they were unnecessary. If she would just pay attention and do what I want the first time…But, humans are kind of simple and they seem to have to talk through things a lot of the time. She’s still a work in progress. 

After breakfast had been devoured, I was craving a carrot. I was disappointed that Mama insisted on grooming me to give said carrot. She got out the comb, and I bluntly ran into my condo for a few minutes to protest. I came back out and flopped (mostly under my wooden hidey-hole of course; removing me from there would be unspeakable, and has only ever happened during a couple of my most naughtiest escapades), and we snuggled. This should have been carrot producing. I made the mistake of fully coming out and grooming myself though. Ugh. 

Now here I am, upside down (I hate being upside down), in the air (I hate being in the air), getting combed (I hate getting combed). Afterward she kept me there like usual, but right-side up, and she got that spot behind my ears and I couldn’t help but purr. I hate it when she makes me purr when I’m mad! Soon afterward, though, my reward was forthcoming. I didn’t even care that she was luring me into my condo with it; I had had enough of her for the moment. 

Ah, my carrot was delicious. I’m all stretched out on the cool floor of my condo, and my heavy eyelids are telling me it is definitely nap time. Talk to you tomorrow.

Hungry Bunny.