State Park Beach Vacation 2019 – Day 4

Good thing I took yesterday off! It’s been an exhausting day. The morning started out like a typical vacation day. Then a few hours later there was a flurry of activity. Too much. Soon after I heard Mimi and Grampy’s voices, which can only mean one thing on vacation: they’re taking Little Girl for a sleepover. At least it was clear to me that they were taking her since I could hear their voices; often I question whether Mama or Big Rabbit have lost her when she’s not where she should be – under my supervision. It didn’t take long to confirm I was right: Mama came in, flung my door open, and like the dutiful little bunny that I am, I hopped out, to my inevitable fate. She swooped down, scooped me up, and snuggled me so tightly I could hardly breathe. Thus, life as the fur baby for – what? The next two nights? Oh, boy. It’s usually just one. After being snuggled and kissed so much I was convinced I must have bald spots, the spoiling finally came. Treats rained from the sky, and I was soon satisfied. Luckily, Big Rabbit had plans for the beach, so he wrangled her out of the camper pretty soon after that. Impressively, he even made sure I had lunch and dinner early, which increased my opinion of him. A little bit. He took an embarrassing picture of Mama snuggling my fur off right after Little Girl left, but I refuse to release it to the public, so you get a picture of me before bed instead.

So tired.