State Park Beach Vacation 2019 – Day 1

The drive wasn’t too bad, just like Mama had said. Actually, with Little Girl helping more I was in the camper rather quickly. Since Mama had so many things to move around she put me up in my bunk. The view is fantastic! Beautiful beach with the sand that Little Girl likes to make castles and things with and ocean that all my humans love playing in. Of course, a camper is next to us, but there’s actually pretty trees and plants in between us. And the sun is on the opposite side of the camper from my bunk, so I don’t need my shade up! I do love my top bunk. Whenever we arrive somewhere new I get refrigerator-chilled water and fresh hay, and I just love enjoying munching and sipping while watching my people set up camp.

See the picture? This is the wild bunny I sort of got to talk to. Later on Big Rabbit saw her and told Mama, who of course had to take a picture. A lot of the conversation was lost, since I’m up high and behind my window and condo bars, which makes nose wiggling kind of hard to interpret. It’s much easier when I’m down on the floor and the screen door is in place, but even from my bunk, it’s entertaining. The conversations usually start the same, with the wild bunny panicked at the sight of me in my condo. I tell them I’m happy while they look on with disbelief. When I proceed to list all the meals I’ve eaten for the day, with zero effort, I can see the wild bunny start to think things over. I really enjoy seeing their eyes widen if I mention any treats I’ve had like carrots or parsley. For a wild bunny, unless they live near a garden like in the Peter Rabbit movie (excellent movie, by the way), the chances they’re going to get romaine lettuce, spring salad mix, carrots, and parsley like I do on a daily basis are probably zero. I’ve never seen a lettuce patch near any of our campsites. It was particularly satisfying when I asked this wild bunny at the beach if she was hot, because of course she was hot. It’s July in Florida. I told her I have my own air conditioning vent, which, of course meant nothing to her until I explained what air conditioning is. The look of awe is always fun to watch blossom.

It’s true I’d like to run around more sometimes and not have to wait for Mama to let me out, but honestly, after running some laps of my living room or binkying off the camper rug a few times, I’m ready to rest. In case you don’t know what a binky is, it’s a combination of a jump, twist, and leg(s) kick, expressing joy. Nope, Mama has never managed to capture one in a photo. It happens way too fast and she never knows when it’s coming. I’ve got to keep her on her toes. Now, back to me making some points on being happy to be a domesticated bunny. Let’s see: worry about being eaten while I’m trying to eat? Having to hide from hawks and raccoons and cats and dogs and alligators and bears oh my? No, thank you. Plus, my goodness, what would become of my humans? Especially Mama! She’d be lost without me!

Wild Bunny