State Park Beach Vacation 2019 – Day 0 – Night Post

It’s your lucky day! I decided to write one more time today. Actually, it’s so late it’s technically tomorrow, but I have the urge to write, so here I am, before passing out for the night. 

We are up late! Little Girl is staying in the big house and Mama and Big Rabbit stayed up talking. They did it properly though. As soon as they came back to the camper from having dinner and whatever else, I was let out and fawned over. It was already tuck in time (around 9 p.m.), so I got a large piece of parsley for an apology. It does always make me friendlier. Then they talked for hours, but they both sat on the floor, and Mama pet me almost the entire time. My jaws actually hurt from purring so much! 

Now I’m back up in my bunk with my feed. The blue nightlight that runs over the span of the dinette is on, and it always helps lull me to sleep. Big Rabbit is already snoring, but at least it’s some of his softer snoring, and not the snorting kind. Click. Ah, now it’s dark, and I can hear Mama finally stumbling to her bed. Goodnight.