State Park Beach Vacation 2019 – Day 0 – Stay at L.L.

I’m in a good mood. We arrived at L.L. (where the camper lives at Mimi and Grampy’s when we’re not traveling) earlier than usual. Just as I was anticipating, Mama’s stress level is decreasing, and I’m finally getting some proper attention. This picture was taken after a rousing game of ball. I’ve been groomed, pet, played with, fed, made over and given extra treats just for being cute. Excellent. 

Tomorrow we take off for another vacation – this time I’m told the travel time is less than one leg on the big trips, and that we’re staying at the beach. We’ve stayed on the beach before, but Mama says it’s somewhere new. What I remember from staying at the beach is: I have the best view, which everyone covets, which makes me happy. The other thing I remember about the beach is… HOT. Usually the short trip from the truck to the camper after we park I fear my fur will start smoking because it is so sweltering! That’s tomorrow’s problem though. It’s been almost a month since we stayed in the camper and I must admit, I’m happy to be back in it. I even binkied for Mama to show her I’m happy. She always erupts with glee when I do that.