Keys Vacation 2019 – Day 9


Also technically Father’s Day, but our family is so busy we make our own calendar. For example, Mother’s Day was in April and Father’s Day was in May, except Big Rabbit’s father was in New York then, so we still have to celebrate with him. Confused yet? Anyway, today is also MY BIRTHDAY, so that’s all I care to celebrate, thank you very much. We had Early Mother’s Day, Little Girl’s birthday, Mimi’s birthday, and Early Father’s Day, all before vacation, and now “real” Father’s Day. It’s just ridiculous. 

I’m putting my foot down. Stomp. It’s time for it to be my party because I’m the bunny and I deserve it. I’m four years old today! Mom took this picture after all of our stuff got brought in and I was properly cared for. Aren’t I pretty? When it was time to tuck Little Girl in everyone sang me “Happy Birthday.”  The Birthday Girl is finally pleased. 

Birthday Girl