Keys Vacation 2019 – Day 8

Everyone got up early (but not too early, thank goodness). My humans sped around, packing everything up. Our Keys Vacation had come to an end. Mama said we’re stopping halfway home to break up the drive;  at least that’s good news. We left right after breakfast this morning, and she was right, it only took us two bathroom stops before we were there. 

Set up went much faster than normal because the truck didn’t get unhooked from the camper. Big Rabbit doesn’t bother if we’re only staying one night somewhere. It was very hot outside. Those fifteen steps from the truck to the camper were steamy. No tiki huts here. I was so happy to get inside in the air conditioning. 

I wasn’t the only one to notice we no longer had our tiki huts or dock. This is one of the nicer parks we stay at, but after being spoiled for a whole week, living in the lap of luxury, my humans didn’t rush outside like they normally do. They stayed inside. With me. By now you know I love my humans. I really do. But I was ready for a nice, quiet nap, and to have the camper all to myself. Today’s post picture is from Mama’s viewpoint up in the dinette. See my open door? She tried to coax me out, but I was tired, and ready for quiet and a nap. My condo has everything I need in easy reaching distance, and look at me – I was so comfy and perfectly poised for a nap. All I needed was…quiet. 

Finally, after more failed attempts to coax me into moving, and finishing their early lunch, they left, talking about trying to find some iguanas. I was reminded of the green brute at our last campsite and hoped it wouldn’t give me nightmares. About two minutes of quiet later, I was out. No nightmares.

My humans came back entirely too soon, but I was much friendlier after my little nap at least. They all came in with red, sweaty faces, and declared they were ashamed, but were going to stay in the camper, in the air conditioning for a while. That turned into the whole rest of the day, except for an evening walk they finally took. It was funny seeing how embarrassed Mama was, and she said she didn’t want to admit it to Mimi and Grampy tomorrow. She believes that people should be outdoors while camping. Big Rabbit convinced her this was still part of vacation, and therefore not really camping, which seemed to ease her discomfort some. 

Now it’s time to tuck Little Girl in. I hop over to her bunk and telescope, making sure she has everything she needs. Her head of wavy blonde pokes over the edge to say goodnight to me. Mama ahs at our cuteness, then climbs into Little Girl’s bunk to snuggle her. I decide to play in Mama’s room while she’s occupied, but Big Rabbit stops me. Drat. 

Mama comes back out to the living room. Now it’s my turn! Time to fluff out, get snuggled, and get tucked in. Tomorrow we go home! I love traveling, but this week has been very adventurous, so I’m actually ready to be back in the non-moving house for a while. 

So comfy.