Keys Vacation 2019 – Day 5

The morning started off well, with Mama setting up my outdoor pen perfectly again. I must admit, I’m going to miss it here. I’m loving watching my humans on vacation. It’s nice to see them happy all the time. 

A couple of hours after we were up, however, Big Rabbit and Little Girl started packing, but Mama didn’t. She braided Little Girl’s hair, and kept mentioning things for them to pack (sun hat, sunglasses, money, waters). I was confused as to what was going on, then it hit me: Big Rabbit was taking Little Girl somewhere! In Key West! He better not lose her. As we said goodbye to them, Mama told them both to be good and then told Big Rabbit to not lose her baby or let her get eaten by a shark. What on earth! Sharks? I did not approve. Mama told them to have fun and we’d see them later this afternoon. I couldn’t believe she let them go! 

Even though I wasn’t able to fully relax with Little Girl gone (hopefully not being eaten by sharks – sharks!), it was nice to have Mama all to myself. Right after they left, Mama starts jabbering away at me, telling me how excited she is to continue editing the book she wrote for Little Girl. She’s definitely more interesting to listen to when she’s stroking the right spot behind my ears or feeding me something, which she’s not right now, so I lose interest, and she starts getting settled in to work. On vacation. Silly human.  

It’s nap time, but I’m worried about my Little Girl. I know that won’t get her home any sooner though, so I’m thinking I might as well keep my strength up. I glance at Mama. She’s totally engrossed in work, clicking around on her laptop, but otherwise being wonderfully quiet. I start hopping over to my hidey-hole to settle down, when something catches my eye. 

What is that thing? Yesterday, I had to adjust to seeing my humans in snorkels. Now I’m looking at the oddest creature I have ever seen. I don’t like it. It’s short but long, and as wide as me. There are no feathers, no fur, only bright green skin, with ridges on its back, and a very long tail. Very long. It kind of resembles Little Girl’s dragon toys… My eyes widen and my heart starts pounding as it moves, FAST. It scurries out onto our dock. Scurry is the best word I can come up with, because it ran like no other animal I’ve ever seen before. If I wasn’t scared I’d have thought it hilarious, because it moved with a weird hyper-waddle. I wasn’t finding anything funny at the moment, however, because when it scurried onto our dock I noticed its big, curved claws, which got me to thinking…If it happened to eat what I eat (or worse, wanted to eat me), and decided it wanted in to my outdoor pen and help itself, there certainly wouldn’t be anything I could do to stop it. Yep, the bunny’s done. It’s time to go inside. 

Oh Ma-ma! She glances over at me (whoa – maybe the mind-reading thing does work). However, it’s with excitement. Nope, mind-reading still isn’t functional, because we are definitely not on the same wavelength. Apparently she likes this weird green brute. I give her my most “I am not impressed” look, and she doesn’t notice. My annoyance is building. Hello! Little defenseless bunny rabbit versus scary, creepy green thing running around with big claws – protect me lady! After taking some pictures (can’t miss a photo op, of course) she finally notices my agitation, figures it out, and brings me in. Mama gives me lunch and grabs her snorkel. I’m so glad I’m inside. 

Huh. Something about scary green monsters not being anywhere in the camper with me must have helped me relax, because I actually got an early afternoon nap. Apparently being scared for my life used up some energy.  I look at the clock. Little Girl should be home soon (better be home soon). Just as I’m thinking this, my ears pick something up, and with hope, I bounce on and off of my condo’s perch. Ok, calm down. I strain to hear…Yes! Mama just walked by the camper and I hear Little Girl’s excited voice! Here she comes! 

The whole family piles in the camper and Mama opens my condo door. I eagerly hop out to assess the situation. Big Rabbit looks exhausted…Little Girl looks whole, and happy. I take a nice, big, deep breath. Mama asks them how it was, and Little Girl and Big Rabbit start talking excitedly. Big Rabbit gets the laptop out and places it on the dinette so everyone can see it, even me. He’s scrolling through pictures from their adventure.

I nearly faint as I see Little Girl sitting next to Big Rabbit, in the sky, far from whoever took the picture, with only a thread between them and the boat it was attached to. This, I gathered from the conversation, is called “parasailing.” Then we saw other pictures, with Little Girl on something called a jet ski and what looked like an inflatable playground – this is where the shark danger was, because it was out in the middle of the ocean! I look Little Girl over one more time. No bites – check. Happy – check. 

Tomorrow I want no surprises and no drama. 

Weird green brute.