Keys Vacation 2019 – Day 4

Today was a much, much better day than yesterday.

We were up so late last night even my tummy slept in! As I woke up, Mama hurried to get me down and give me a “forgiveness carrot.” She messes up enough that I get them fairly often. It was unclear if it was for leaving me all day yesterday or for breakfast being late this morning, but it was delicious in any case. I could hear Little Girl stirring in her bunk, reminding me she’s home safe and back under my supervision. The camper was a mess this morning, because they just brought all their bags in last night and left them everywhere, but at least it was clear they weren’t going to do anything stupid like leave me again today. 

After a satisfactory breakfast and many snuggles, I was considering forgiveness. Soon afterward, I was transported in my purple (of course) backpack (which I do not care for), under our tiki huts, where Mama had set up my outdoor pen. She did well, I must admit, and this was the determining factor in forgiving her. Everything was arranged the way I like it, and I had a great view again. Fresh hay and water, along with a new barbell toy, were awaiting me. Amazingly, she maintained the right balance of fawning over me without climbing in and snuggling too much. Yes, my giant human actually climbs in and curls herself around my pen to get closer to me. It really isn’t big enough for her, but she can’t seem to resist sometimes. 

Snack was a few minutes early, which always pleases me. The rest of the morning was very entertaining. Mama was sitting next to me, reading in her big rocking chair. While I was enjoying snack, I looked up to check on Little Girl. I almost dropped the piece of Spinach I was munching on. If she hadn’t been smiling and talking in her happy voice, I would have been scared to death. It looked like some monster had attached itself to her face! There was something completely covering her cute little nose, a pink rectangle strapped around the upper half of her face, and a long, curved tube near her mouth that extended above her head. She started climbing down the dock ladder as Big Rabbit began talking. That’s when I noticed he had the same thing on his face, just outlined in blue instead of pink. He looked ridiculous. After recovering from the shock, I picked up some of the conversation (and more of my snack). Apparently those things are called snorkels, and they were not monsters, but something they voluntarily put on themselves. Humans. They both got in the water and instead of swimming like they do in the pool, they kind of floated on top of the water, with their faces down and that weird tube sticking up. I kept glancing at Mama. When she finally got her face out of her book she not only seemed unconcerned, but went and took a few pictures. Apparently this is one of the many weird human things they consider normal. I still felt better when Little Girl got that thing off of her face.

Lunch was good, but I was getting tired. I was so engrossed in watching my humans that I missed morning nap! It wasn’t going to be good if I missed my afternoon nap too. I looked up and was pleased that Mama was watching me. She came over and stroked the top of my head and asked if I wanted to go in. Sigh. I hate it when she asks questions like that. It’s obvious she can’t hear my thoughts (some would definitely get me in major trouble), so what can I do? At night, when we’re snuggling, if she asks, “Are you ready to be tucked in?”, and I purr, she’ll say to Big Rabbit, “She purred. Does that mean, ‘yes, I want to be tucked in,’ or ‘no, I like you petting me, I want to stay out?’” Why bother asking the question in the first place?

I decided to go with anti-social instead of purring. Thankfully she got it. Soon I was whisked away in my purple backpack and returned to my condo in the air conditioning. Mama brought all of my stuff back in and chattered away about how much she enjoyed having the whole family together outside. I stopped listening as I stretched, yawned, and flopped on the cool floor of my condo, my eyelids feeling extremely heavy. I fell into a deep sleep just as the camper door was closing behind Mama. 

Enjoying snack while watching my silly humans.