Keys Vacation 2019 – Day 2

Oh, yeah. This place is amazing! 

Now, we are glampers, with our little house we take everywhere. We always have air conditioning or heat, ready to sleep in beds, a full kitchen and a full bathroom. Mama always prays for the tent campers when there’s a torrential downpour and we’re comfortably sitting at our dinette inside. We’ve stayed at some nice places. But Key West…we’ve never stayed anywhere like this before! Mama brought my outdoor pen, which we only use if there is a lack of bugs, shade to protect me from the sun and hawks, and good weather (no soaking the bunny with rain or giving the bunny heat stroke). Well, our site is all concrete (limited bugs) and has two tiki huts with ceiling fans (shade, a breeze, and protection from light rain) – check, check, and check! 

I’ve never been so comfortable “camping” in my whole life! There’s enough space for everyone, we’re all deliriously happy, and have I mentioned my view yet? Oh, my! I am perfectly positioned to look out over our private dock. I’m in total shade, with the ceiling fans keeping the air comfortable, while I watch Little Girl jump off our dock into the calm water, then climbing up our ladder and doing it again. And again. I love seeing her happy! Mama is watching me and Little Girl while reading, and Big Rabbit is lounging in a big tube that he tied to the dock. It’s going to be a great day. Oh, look! Snack time!  

My view. Life is good!