It Begins…Keys Vacation 2019 – Day 0

It is very difficult to relax when your human is flying. This is a picture of me trying to rest at home this morning. Mama doesn’t actually fly of course, but she swoops around quickly while twittering a lot, which is what the birds do outside the window. Today we go to L.L., where the camper lives. We always stay there the night before a camping trip. By the time we go to sleep tonight, Mama will be calmed down. Until then, though, she’s flying.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that bunnies like schedules, and I’m no exception. My internal clock likes punctuality. On days like today, I just know Mama’s going to mess that up. The stack of things to go to the camper has been building and disappearing for the last three days. Mama or Big Rabbit take things to the camper on multiple days because they pack so much stuff. I have to admit though, she’s never forgotten anything for me on a trip, and I always get at least one fresh barbell toy to gnaw to bits. It helps keep my teeth ground down to the proper length, and as a bonus, is a fantastic outlet for anger. Like when my schedule’s being messed up. 

Trying to rest.